Safari Club International is an organisation based in Tucson, USA, with more than 180 Chapters and over 50,000 members worldwide. Members are conservationists who hunt. There is no irony in this statement because conservation and hunting are not only compatible, but are inseparable. In much of the world wherever game management is wisely administered, funding derived from sport hunting and fishing DOES directly finance many worthwhile conservation projects.

Habitat and wildlife must be kept in balance and wisely managed hunting is one the best ways to accomplish this objective. Hunting is a cherished heritage but opportunities and species available to hunt, not only internationally but locally, are threatened by political neglect, political intervention, or believed habitat loss.

As a Chapter of Safari Club International this New Zealand Chapter is in a particularly unique position. No other New Zealand hunting conservation organisation has an International umbrella available at all times for advice, guidance and when necessary, finance.

Since 1971, SCI and its Chapters have contributed substantial resources to improve or restore habitats, reintroduce indigenous species, propagate and manage resident species, combat poaching and habitat encroachment, encourage better rules and regulations, and conduct research and surveys.